NAF Pro feet Rock Hard


NAF Pro feet Rock Hard strengthen soft soles, disinfect frogs, protects weak, brittle and cracked hooves and is safe to use on all hooves

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NAF Pro feet Rock Hard- 250ml

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NAF Pro feet Rock Hard provides efficient treatment for hooves, many on the market today have been found to be detrimental to live hoof tissue as opposed to working with tissues to treat and preserve it. NAF are advocates of natural ingredients and so when looking for a hoof hardener we have formulated one that is natural and safe to use on all hooves. Designed to be used on weak, brittle, cracked hooves and soft soles as well as supporting poor frog tissue.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen soft soles
  • Disinfect frogs
  • Protect weak, brittle and cracked hooves
  • Safe to use on all hooves


A unique formulation that contains MSM and zinc sulphate to naturally strengthen the entire hoof capsule


For best results apply Rock Hard to the frog and sole using the brush provided. Paint around the lower half of the hoof, allowing the fluid to seep into nail holes and splits. Apply daily for 7 - 10 days and during periods of wet conditions. Thereafter apply once weekly.

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