Trident Sugar Beet Shreds


Trident sugar beet shreds are a long time customer favourite, a versatile feed perfect for so many purposes across a wide range of animals

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Trident Sugar Beet Shreds 20Kg

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Trident sugar beet shreds have been a long time customer favourite, such a versatile feed perfect for so many purposes across a wide range of animals. They are great for bulking out expensive specialised horse feeds and also great for encouraging animals to eat less palatable ingredients such as wormers or other medicines.

These sugar beet shreds provide high levels of non-starch digestible fibre energy which allows energy intakes to be increased without increasing the risk of acidosis associated with cereal feeding. This fibre energy is great for slow release throughout the day and the palatability of the feed means that your animals will enjoy eating it.

For cattle, it is a key component in highly digestible-fibre mixes and beef/dairy high performance feeds, providing a great base for you to add other ingredients.

Sugar Beet shreds are the dried remains of the root crop sugar beet, once the sugar has been extracted. The beauty of the way animals digest sugar beet is that the sugar portion of the feed is rapidly digested providing a burst of instant energy but at a low and constant enough level to keep the animal warm rather than produce fizz. The fibre portion of the feed is then slowly digested which promotes satiety and stamina.

Trident sugar beet shreds are made using British sugar beet and are also available as pellets rather than shreds which can be easier to position and use. All dry sugar beet feed requires soaking for a minimum of 24 hours before feeding to horses or ponies

Suitable for Horses, Dairy, Beef, Young Stock, Sheep & Goats

Key Benefits

  • Rich in sodium, potassium and calcium.
  • Ideal for mixing with straight cereals
  • Digestible fibre
  • Highly palatable
  • Instant and slow release energy


Protein 10%, Oil 1%, NDF 32%, Starch 1%, Sugar 20%, DUP 2.9% Digestible Energy 12.5 MJ/Kg

Horse Feeding Guidelines

Horse height (hands)Body weight (Kg)Dry weight to feed (Kg)

Farm Feeding Guidelines

AnimalFeed amount per head
Milking cowsup to 6Kg (typically 3Kg)
Dry cowsup to 2Kg
Replacement Heifersup to 2Kg and up to 40% of DMI
Calves (to 12 weeks)up to 1.5Kg and up to 40% of DMI
Growing Cattleup to 2.5Kg and up to 40% of DMI
Finishing Cattleup to 5Kg and up to 50% of DMI
Suckler Cowsup to 4Kg (typically 2Kg)
Ewes and Ramsup to 1Kg (typically 0.5Kg)
Hoggets and Lambsup to 1Kg or up to 50% of DMI
DMI = dry matter intake

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