We stock a wide variety of bird products coving wild bird, cage and aviary birds. We sell bulk seed packs, feeders and other items for keeping or feeding birds come by the store to see our full range

Wild Bird Food

Bucktons Wild Bird Food

We sell high quality mixed bird seeds at very good prices, try our bucktons wild bird food and see the difference now available for online orders

Premium Wild Bird Food

Bucktons Premium wild bird food provides an even higher quality blend of seeds for wild birds, giving you less waste and chance for more bird variety

Fat balls

We sell fat/energy balls of different shapes and sizes to fit your needs and we sell them individually or packs up to 150 for extra savings

Sunflower Hearts

The edible heart of a sunflower seed, packed with energy a great mess-free option for all wild birds


High-quality peanuts available in a variety of sizes each at great prices, available instore or for local delivery


High protein wild bird food for a naturally healthy and varied diet, available dried or live instore


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We supply a variety of wild bird feeders, one of our premium partners is Peckish and they provide very high quality and durable feeders at an affordable price

Seed Feeders

We have a variety of feeders for mixed seeds, many with extra features such as squirrel resistance and compartments for different seed types

Peanut Feeders

We have feeders available specifically for large seeds such as peanuts and also suet blocks and pellets

Niger Seed Feeders

Feeders for specific seeds such as niger seed are available in store. We have a variety of styles and materials available

Indoor Bird & Aviary

Indoor Bird & Aviary Food

Parrot Food

We stock a range of options for parrots and other birds that prefer a more varied and challenging blend, with dried fruit and nuts along with others

Paraeet Food

Species specific seed mixes are available, including small and large parakeet, but these are also great for other birds

And Many More

We stock many varieties of indoor bird foods, check instore now for our full range or call to speed to one of our friendly staff

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