We stock a wide variety of horse products including feed, bedding and suppliments, for a range of needs from high performance to older horses and young horse we have your needs covered 


Pegasus Horse And Pony Mix Product Image

Pegasus Horse & Pony Mix

A versatile cool coarse mix which is high in fibre and great value available for local delivery now

Pegasus Horse And Pony Cubes product image

Pegasus Horse & Pony Cubes

High Fibre, non-heating, low energy horse and pony cubes at an incredible price available for local delivery now

Pegasus Horse & Pony Conditioning Cubes Product Image

Pegasus Conditioning Cubes

Great value high in protein conditioning cubes suitable for all types of horses and ponies available for local delivery now

Dengie Alfa-A Oil

the ultimate pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuelling hard work, improving stamina and promoting condition available for local delivery now

Dengie Alfa-A Original

the original pure alfalfa fibre feed providing quality natural nutrients for working horses & ponies available for local delivery now

Dengie Alfa-A Molasses Free

the perfect pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuelling work or promoting condition in horses & ponies that are prone to laminitis available for local delivery now


DodSon & Horrell

We Stock a wide range of Dodson & Horrel Feed including; Safe and Sound, ERS Pellets, Mare & Youngstock Mix and much more


Sarcen feeds provide a high quality and great value option to many less specific formulations of feed

Rown Barbary

A great feed producer, their ready mash products have proven to be a  favourite of our customers and come highly reccomended



TopSpec feeds are high quality and provide high perforamce focused feed and top quality balancers



Dengie are the leading manufacturer of fibre-based horse feeds.


Allen & Page

Allen & Page are a family owned company with strong values using no artifitial flavours or GM ingredients





Incredibly light and absorbant fine sawdust that makes a perfect bedding

Small Flake

A smaller flake shaving for more delicate uses available at a great price and dust free

Chopped Straw

Wheat Straw

An economical alternative to shavings. The best quality straw is chopped, double dust extracted and given a eucalyptus fragrance

Rape Straw

The chopped and double dedusted rape straw is highly absorbent due to a pithy inner core


fibremax sustainable bedding for stabled horses bag shot


Fibremax Bedding is sustainable and affordable made from recycled wood fibre that provides high levels of comfort and absorbency

stockmax bedding product image


100% natural, dust-free animal bedding developed and made-to-measure to help you keep your animals healthy, happy and comfortable


We stock a wide variety of horse and pony supplements from many of the top brands. We are starting to sell these online and right now we are offering free delivery when you spend over £40 on horse supplements

NAF Superflex

NAF Superflex is the optimum join aid supplement for all horses and ponies providing five-star support based on 25 years of development

NAF magic 750g tub

NAF Magic

NAF Magic is a natural calmer with a difference, it's five-star formula contains a unique combination of herbs and magnesium to maintain calm

660g tub of NAF Superflex Senior

NAF Superflex Senior

Five Star NAF Superflex Senior is a unique formulation providing our highest specification of the key joint support nutrients for horses


We have SQP licences members of staff available to give advice and administor a variety of restricted horse wormers

Equest Oral Gel Horse Wormer Product Image

Equest Oral Gel

Equest Oral Gel Horse Wormer is an easy to use oral gel in an dosing syringe which makes ensuring you are given the right dosage simple

Equest Pramox product image

Equest Pramox

Equest Pramox is an effective equine wormer that is one of the few horse wormers available that treats both red and tape worms

Animec oral paste Horse Wormer Product Image

Animec Oral Paste

Animec oral paste is a an easy to use and dose option for worming which treats a range of internal parasites at a great value price

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