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Potatoes, Whites - Wiljas, Reds - Stemsters 25Kg

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We are offering these great value bags of potatoes, these are perfect for stocking up and saving money. We currently have two varieties available, white Wiljas and red Stemsters potatoes that each have different qualities making them great in different scenarios. The white Wiljas are a great all-rounder potato that has firm flesh and skin that holds its shape well when boiled or microwaved, they make great potato wedges and ideal for roasting, boiling and mashing. The red Stemsters are very popular, having a creamy tasting flesh making them ideal for smooth mash or being cooked in a sauce, such as a potato dauphinoise, they are hard to beat as a chip, baked or roasted too.

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Stemsters, Wiljas

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  1. Sharon (verified owner)

    Always get my potatoes from here, great value price.

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