Strawmax Pellet Bedding for Horses


Strawmax Pellet Bedding for Horses is a healthy, absorbent and economical bedding option that is also very sustainability

15 kg
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Strawmax Pellet Bedding for Horses 15Kg

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Strawmax bedding is a healthy, ultra-absorbent and economical equine bedding option for your horse. Straw pellets outperform wood pellets on absorbency and sustainability, traditional straw on equine health and consistency, and most other equine bedding materials on ease of use, odour suppression, positive environmental impact and all-round user-friendly convenience. Try Strawmax Pellet Bedding for Horses today and see the benefits.

Made from 100% natural British straw, Strawmax straw pellets make a deep, supportive, dust-extracted bed for your horse that lasts for months with minimal maintenance and very low waste, and composts exceptionally fast into nitrogen-rich manure perfect for farmers and gardeners.

Key Benefits

  • Soft & breaks down easily
  • Virtually no airborne dust in the stable
  • Fluff up faster to deeper volume
  • Exceptional moisture absorbency
  • Highly effective odour suppression
  • Quick & easy to make & maintain
  • Compact & easy to store
  • Long-lasting & economical
  • Minimises your muck-heap
  • 100% natural waste harvest material

How to use Strawmax

Strawmax straw pellets work equally well on concrete or rubber matting, and as always when making a fresh bed, they work best in a clean and hygienic stable. To create the bed for a 12 ft x 12 ft stable use between six and eight bags

Method 1
strawmax method 1

  1. Lay bags over stable floor & slice open.
  2. Water generously.
  3. Leave for an hour to allow pellets to absorb water.
  4. Tip each bag onto stable floor then fluff & spread.

Method 2
strawmax method 2

  1. Empty each individual bag direct onto the clean stable floor.
  2. Water generously with a hose pipe.
  3. Leave for an hour to allow pellets to absorb water.
  4. Fluff & spread.

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