Dengie Alfa-A Lite


Dengie Alfa-A Lite is a low starch fibre feed for working horses & ponies, made from pure alfalfa with spearmint oil and a molasses coating

20 kg
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Dengie Alfa-A Lite 20kg

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Dengie Alfa-A Lite is a low starch fibre feed for working horses & ponies, made from pure alfalfa with added spearmint oil and a light molasses coating. Low in starch, Alfa-A Lite is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Rich in calcium, Alfa-A Lite is ideal for breeding and young stock.

Key Benefits

  • A high-fibre feed providing 9MJ/kg of Digestible Energy which is comparable to a high-fibre cube
  • Alfa-A Lite is the lowest energy feed in the Alfa-A range making it ideal for horses in work and breeding stock that hold their weight easily
  • Added spearmint oil to enhance palatability
  • Rich in highly digestible fibre and packed with natural vitamins and minerals
  • Alfalfa is a widely recognised ingredient for promoting digestive health due to its natural buffering  properties
  • Alfa-A Lite is abundant in quality protein making it ideal for breeding and youngstock
  • Naturally low in starch at just 2%
  • Free from preservatives and straw
  • The alfalfa in Alfa-A Lite is precision-dried to lock in natural nutrients and produce an exceptionally clean source of fibre compared to sun-dried forages.


NON GM Alfalfa, molasses, spearmint oil


DE MJ/kg 9, Protein 12%, Oil 2.5%, Fibre 27%, Sugars 8%, Starch 2%

Feeding Guidelines

The suggested feeding levels are intended as a guide only. Always adjust your horse's feed ratio to suit their temperament, environmental conditions, body condition and workload.

Horse/Pony description Size in handsApproximate weight Feed amount for light work per dayFeed amount for medium/hard work per day
Small pony (Shetland, Welsh A)9-12.2hh200Kg0.5Kg1Kg
Medium pony (Exmoor, New Forest)12.2-13.2hh300Kg0.5Kg1.5Kg
Large pony (Connemara, Welsh D)13.2-14.2hh400Kg1Kg2Kg
Small horse (Arab, small TB)14.4-15.2hh450Kg1Kg2Kg
Medium horse (TB, ID cross)15.2-16.2hh550Kg1.5Kg2.5Kg
Large horse (Warmblood)16.2+hh650Kg1.5Kg2.5Kg
Store in a cool dry place.

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