Dengie Alfa-A Original


Dengie Alfa-A Original is the original pure alfalfa fibre feed providing quality natural nutrients for working horses & ponies

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Dengie Alfa-A Original 20kg bale

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Dengie Alfa-A Original is the original pure alfalfa fibre feed providing quality natural nutrients for working horses & ponies. A high fibre feed providing 10MJ/kg of Digestible Energy, which is comparable to a cool mix or cube. Made from pure alfalfa which is proven to aid digestive health and buffer acidity in the digestive tract. Contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, rich in calcium, making it ideal for breeding and young stock

Alfa-A Original can be fed on its own or it can be combined with cubes or a mix for those horses with a higher energy requirement. If you are feeding Alfa-A Original as the sole feed, use a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement or balancer.

The alfalfa in Alfa-A Original is dried at a very high temperature to reduce the risk of mould. Efficient extraction processes ensure Alfa-A Original has a low dust content to promote a healthy respiratory system.

Key Benefits

  • Proven to aid digestive health
  • Rich in calcium making it ideal for breeding and youngstock
  • Straw free - for respitory health
  • Ulcer care - naturally reduces acidity
  • Alfa-A Original is suitable for horses working up to a moderate level or those in lower levels of work that struggle to maintain weight
  • Made from pure alfalfa with a molasses coating
  • Alfa-A Original provides 10MJ/kg digestible energy equivalent to many Pasture or Cool Mixes/Cubes
  • Alfa-A Original may be fed as the sole ‘bucket feed’ alongside a Dengie Vits & Mins supplement or a Dengie Balancer. Alternatively, Alfa-A Original may be fed alongside traditional mixes and cubes to add valuable nutrients and to help slow the rate of eating.


NON GM Alfalfa, molasses


DE MJ/kg 10, Protein 12%, Oil 2.5%, Fibre 27%, Sugars 10%, Starch 2%

Feeding Guidelines

The suggested feeding levels are intended as a guide only. Always adjust your horse's feed ration to suit his temperament, the environmental conditions, his body condition and workload.

 Size (hh)Approx Weight (Kg)Light Work (Kg/day)Medium/Hard Work (Kg/day)
Small Pony (e.g. Shetland, welsh A)9-12.22000.51.0
Medium Pony (e.g. Exmoor, New Forest)12.2-13.23000.51.5
Large Pony (e.g. Connemara, Welsh D)13.2-14.24001.02.0
Small Horse (e.g. Arab, small TB)14.2-15.24501.02.0
Medium Horse (e.g. TB, ID cross)15.2-16.25501.52.5
Large Horse (e.g. Warmblood)16.2+6501.52.5
Store in a cool dry place.

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