Misfits Tangly Twists Dog Treats


You’ll both love to play with Misfits Tangly Twists. Untangle, unwind and undo; your dog can get stuck in and chew!

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Misfits Tangly Twists

You'll both love to play with Misfits Tangly Twists. Untangle, unwind and undo; your dog can get stuck in and chew!

Flavoured with tempting beef and cheese or Chicken and Egg.

Tangly Twists contain no artificial colours or flavours - we told them to stay where they were.


Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Cereals, Meat and Animals Derivatives (including 4% Chicken), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Various Sugars, Minerals, Egg and Egg Derivatives (including 1% Egg), Oils and Fats

Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Beef), Various Sugars, Minerals, Milk and Milk Derivatives (including 1% cheese), Seeds, Oils and Fats, Herbs.


Protein: 25%, Fat content: 3%, Inorganic matter: 5%, Crude fibres: 2%, Moisture: 18%, Energy: 300 kcal/100g. Additives Per kg. Nutritional additives: Vitamins A: 5015 IU, Vitamin E: 50.1 mg, Ferrous sulphate monohydrate: 45.8 mg

Protein: 25 %, Fat content: 3 %, Inorganic matter: 5 %, Crude fibres: 2 %, Moisture: 18 %, Energy: 300 kcal/100g. Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 4970 IU, Vitamin E: 50 mg, Ferrous sulphate monohydrate: 46 mg

Feeding Guidelines

  • Small Dogs : up to 3 sticks per week.
  • Medium Dogs : up to 6 sticks per week
  • Large Dogs : up to 12 sticks per week
  • This is a chewy treat that is only suitable for dogs 5 kg and over.
  • It is not suitable for young puppies under 4 months.
  • Use within 14 days of opening.
  • Make sure your dog has a bowl of fresh water nearby

Additional Information


Beef & Cheese, Chicken & Egg


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